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  Hydrographic Survey Software

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Hydromagic General

Hydromagic Dongle Troubleshooting
Access the Hydromagic USB dongle over a LAN network
Trouble shooting 'blue screen of death' or 'windows stop' errors
Using Hydromagic in the cloud on a pay-per-use base (Software as a service)

Hydromagic Survey

Using Hydromagic Survey with a Total Station
Using Lowest Astronomical Tide in Hydromagic
Using Mean Sea Level Tide in Hydromagic
Connecting the SyQwest Bathy 500 via Ethernet
Connecting the Kongsberg EK80 software via Ethernet
Configure a reach RS2(+) to output NMEA0183 data
Handling NMEA0183 XDR Sentences
Importing and processing NMEA0183 logs recorded by an USV or bathymetric drone
Setting up mining grids in Hydromagic
How to perform PPK (Post Processed Kinematic) surveys with Hydromagic and RTKLib
How to start recording PPK survey data with a Trimble TSC2 controller
Short manual in Dutch / Flemish

Hydromagic proprietary file formats

A description of the Hydromagic raw data file records
A description of the Hydromagic bin data files (return envelope data)

Miscellaneous Documents

Logging incoming serial data using puTTY
Connecting NMEA0183 devices via a Serial-To-Ethernet converter
Installing unsigned device drivers under Windows 10
Resize or rescale raster images using QGIS