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Manage Grids - Eye4Software Coordinate Calculator

We recommend to manage your geodesy configuration database from the "Eye4Software Coordinate Calculator" which is a freeware tool which is shipped with Hydromagic. To start the "Coordinate Calculator", select "Geodesy Calculations" => "Coordinate Conversion..." option from the "Tools" menu as shown below:

The Coordinate Calculator tool can be started from the Tools menu.
Select the "Coordinate Conversion..." option to start the Coordinate Calculator.

The database containing all geodesy definitions, like ellipsoids, datums, coordinate systems and correction grids is stored in the "C:\ProgramData\Hydromagic\Database\" folder, and it is shared by multiple applications, like Hydromagic Survey, Hydromagic Dredging and the Coordinate Calculator. Most of its content has been taken from the EPSG geodetic database and it will be updated regularly.

All geodesy definitions are stored in a shared database file.
All geodesy definitions are stored in a shared database file.

Manage Grid Definitions

To open the "Manage Grids" window, select "Tools" => "Preferences" => "Manage Grids" from the menu. Using this window, you will be able to view, delete or modify existing grid definitions, or to add your own. For a list of map grids that are currently in the database, click here.

The manage grids dialog can be opened from the tools menu
The "Manage Grids" dialog can be opened from the "Tools" menu.

Grid list

When clicking an item in the list, its parameters are displayed below the list. You can edit these parameters by clicking the "Modify" button.

Select a grid to show or alter its properties
Select a grid to show or alter its properties.

The map grid list can be sorted by clicking on the list columns. You can sort the list by country, grid name and geodetic datum used. A map grid definition is displayed by the flag of the country where it applies to. If a grid can be used in multiple countries or regions, instead of a flag, a globe is displayed.

Deleting a grid

You can delete an datum definition, by selecting an item from the list and clicking the button "Delete". The software will show a popup to confirm that you are sure you want to delete. When clicking "Yes" the grid will be deleted.

You have to confirm deletion of a grid definition.
You have to confirm deletion of a grid definition.

Modifying a grid

You can modify a grid by clicking the "Modify" button after you selected a grid from the list. After clicking the button, the "OK" button text will change to "Save". Clicking the "Save" button will save the modifications, clicking "Cancel" will keep the old data.

Adding a grid

To add a new grid definition, click the "Add" button. When adding a new definition, it is required to specify a name for this grid, as well as the datum and projection used. Depending on the chosen projection, the input fields are enabled or disabled. The table below shows what fields are required for the different projections:

Lambert Conformal Conic 1 SP x x x x x - - - -
Lambert Conformal Conic 2 SP - x x x x x x - -
Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area - x x x x x x - -
Transverse Mercator x x x x x - - - -
Oblique Stereographic x x x x x - - - -
Polar Stereographic - x x x x - - - -
Oblique Mercator - x x x x - - - -
Hotine Oblique Mercator - x x x x - - x x
Swiss Oblique Mercator - x x x x - - - -
Albers Equal Area Conic - x x x x x x - -
Mercator 1SP x x x x x - - - -
Mercator 2SP - x x x x x - - -
Mollweide - x x - x - - - -
Eckert IV - x x - x - - - -
Eckert VI - x x - x - - - -
Cassini - x x x x - - - -
Krovak x x x x x x - x -
Some of the support map projections with their parameters.

Selecting a country is not required, but the country can be used to sort lists by country, if the grid does not apply to a simple country, just select "Earth", "Europe", "Asia" etc...

When you want to use other units for the Northing and Easting values calculated ( default is Meters ), you can also select the units to be used. Please note that when changing this, you also have to enter the False Northing and False Easting in these units as well.

Units currently supported are:

Click the "Save" button to store the newly created grid, by clicking cancel the input is ignored and you will return to the list.