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Factory Reset

The factory reset option in Hydromagic can be used to restore configuration items in Hydromagic to their original settings.
This can be used in case of problem, for instance when you want to start over with a clean configuration, when you are missing toolbar items, or when windows disappear.

The 'Factory Reset' tool allows you to select which parts of the configuration are reset, there is no need to delete all settings at once.
To start the 'Factory Reset' tool, select the "Load Factory Defaults..." option from the "File" menu.

Open the factory reset tool from the file menu

Reset Toolbar Options

When this options has been selected, the default toolbar layout will be loaded for the main window.
Use this option when buttons are missing, the toolbar won't show up, or buttons are mixed up for whatever reason.

Reset Docking Windows

This option restores the original positions of the docking windows like the 'Project Explorer' and the 'Data View'.
Use when one of the docking or popup windows is no longer visible and you cannot restore it by hiding and then showing it.

Reset Configuration

Please use this function with caution since it removes all your settings like plugin configurations, colors, units and map settings.
It restores the configuration to the default values. You can use the "Export Configuration" option to backup your config first.

Reset geodesy database

This option restores the database containing all map projections, datums, ellipsoids etc from a backup. Use this in case the software reports problems with this database. Please note that any custom map projections will be lost when restoring this database.

Applying the factory defaults

After selecting one or more options, click the "OK" button to reset the selected items to factory defaults.
The software prompts you to restart the program because the settings will be restored the next time it is started.

Restart the software to perform the factory reset