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This functionality is not available yet and is expected to ship in March 2020.
This dredging software will be available through selected resellers only.

General information on using dredging plugins in Hydromagic

In Hydromagic, a plugin is a small piece of software which is loaded when requested. From March 2020 we are going to sell plugins to add dredge monitoring functionality into Hydromagic. A separate license is required to be able to use the functionality offered by these plugins (on top of the regular Hydromagic license).

Initially there will be support for one or two segment cutter and suction hopper dredgers. The plugins will be used to configure the dredging system and the sensors. The data is then processed in Hydromagic. As soon as the additional dredging license has been loaded, you will be able to access dredging functionality while it will be hidden to regular users.

Dredging extensions can only be used with Hydromagic version 9.0 and higher. In order to load the license, you either need a remote activated license or an USB dongle starting with S/N 3-3xxxxx.

The outgoing data in the real-time communications monitor

Supported Sensors

At first, Hydromagic will be shipped with the following plugins for the actual sensors:


The cost of the dredging functionality extension plugins will start at EUR 999, on top of your existing Hydromagic license. This price applies to single ladder cutter or hopper dredger support. Since we are using plugins, we can also extend the functionality for custom systems by creating and selling additional plugins.

Dredging functionality

After activating the dredging license, the following additional features will be available in Hydromagic: