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Hydromagic NTRIP Plugin

NTRIP stands for 'Networked Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol'.
As the name already reveals, it allows the transport of RTCM correction data over the Internet.

The 'NTRIP Plugin for Hydromagic' is a plugin which allows you to transfer RTCM data received from a service on the Internet
(also called NTRIP caster) directly to your RTK rover via either a serial connection or a local TCP or UDP connection.

The NTRIP forwards RTCM or CMR(+) messages without modification to your RTK equipment directly.
All that is required is a (free) service that provides the RTCM104 or CMR(+) data.

Loading the NTRIP plugin

To load this plugin, open the preferences window by selecting "Preferences..." from the "Options" menu.
In the window that appears, select the "Devices" tab. Next click the "Add..." button.

the devices tab in the preferences dialog

A list of available plugins will be displayed.
In this list, select the "NTRIP Plugin for Hydromagic" and click "OK" to load the plugin.

select the Hydromagic NTRIP plugin

Configuring the NTRIP caster

In order to start forwarding RTCM data into the RTK rover using the NTRIP plugin,
you have to configure the source of the data first.

These settings will be provided by your local NTRIP caster.

There are also some providers which you can try for free,
although they might not always provide the same accuracy as paid services,
but in some cases a free provider may provide enough accuracy for your application.

configure the NTRIP connection settings

When you have entered the IP address or host name and the authentication information,
click the reload button to populate the drop-down list with the available streams and select the one that matches your application.
Separate streams may exist per area or constellations used. Again refer to the provider for more information on which stream to use.

When the plugin failed to populate the list, it may be because of a connection error.
Please refer to the Hydromagic event log to find more information on the cause of the error.

Configuring the RTCM output

In this section you can configure the way the data is forwarded to the RTK rover.
This can either be via a serial or an Ethernet connection.

How this is configured depends on the RTK rover used.
Make sure that the RTK rover is configured to listen for RTCM data on the serial or network port as well.

Using VRS networks

VRS stands for 'Virtual Reference Station'. This means that a base station is simulated for your position by interpolating correction data received by a network of multiple reference stations in your country or area. In order to calculate the correction data for your location correctly, upon connection the plugin has to send a single NMEA0183 GGA sentence containing your geographic position.

Other then a regular base station, which is often configured with TCP/IP port 2101, a VRS network is sometimes on a separate TCP/IP port, in most cases 2102. If you want to use VRS, you might want to check the location of the VRS stream with your local provider.

When VRS is used, please check the 'Send position data to NTRIP caster' option. Without this option set, it is not possible to use VRS networks. Please note that your actual position will be disclosed to your provider.