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Helmsman Display

The helmsman display (also known as LR-indicator) in Hydromagic can be used to display the cross track error (XTE) when navigating on planned survey lines. It provides you with information on in which direction to steer to follow the planned lines as accurate as possible.

This function is also available in Hydromagic Dredging to provide dredge head guidance, for instance to create trenches.

Activating the helmsman display

The helmsman display can be activated by selecting "LR Indicator" from the "View" menu. The display will now be displayed, however, it won't display any useful information until a valid GPS position is available and a cross section or planned survey line has been selected.

Activate helmsman display

Activating a survey line

Because the cross track error displayed is calculated from the position of your vessel relative to a line, you have to tell the software which planned survey line you want to follow. Please note that in Hydromagic, there is no difference between a planned survey line and a cross section. Cross sections can be used in volume calculations, cross section displays and as planned survey lines. There are several ways to select a cross section:

Select a cross section

Using the display to steer

When a valid position is available, the difference in heading between the vessel and the line is less then 45 degrees, and a cross section has been selected the helmsman display is indicating the distance between your vessel and the line, as well as the direction:

The helmsman display

The value displayed is the distance to the line in the horizontal units selected in the current map projection. When the value is displayed in red, it means you are on the port side (left) of the line, and you have to steer to the steer to the starboard side (right). When the value is displayed in green, it means you are on the starboard side (right) of the line, and you have to steer to the port side (left).

The line that is used to calculate the calculate the cross track error (the line that is activated) is highlighted in yellow on the chart display:

Selected cross section or planned survey line