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Interval Log File Manager

The "Interval Log File Manager" can be used to apply operations on more then one log file at a time. The manager window lists all log files recorded or imported in the project, and allows you to select multiple log files in order to toggle visibility or remove files. The list of log files also shows you the creation or recording date, the start time, the record count and file size.

The interval log files manager shows a list of log files in the project
The "Interval Log File Manager" shows a list of log files in the project.

Opening the interval log file manager

The "Interval Log File Manager" can be opened from the "Project Explorer", which is normally situated on the left side of the main program window. If not visible yet, select "Project Explorer" from the "View" menu, locate the "Log Files" folder in the "Project Explorer", and right-click this folder with the mouse. From the context menu which appears, select the "Manage Files..." option as shown below:

Right click the Log Files folder and select Manage Files...
Right click the "Log Files" folder and select "Manage Files...".

Tool bar

The tool bar contains buttons for most of the options offered by the log file manager. First select the files in the list, by clicking multiple items while holding the CTRL button. Of course it is possible to just select a single item. To select all items on a device with touch screen, simply press the "Select All" button.

The tool bar contains buttons for the most commonly used operations
The tool bar contains buttons for commonly used operations on log files.

Analyze file

When a single interval log file has been selected, the "Analyze File" button will be enabled. By clicking this button the contents of the log file will be shown in a Windows Notepad window.

Use the Analyze File option to inspect the contents of a log file.
Use the "Analyze File" option to inspect the contents of a log file.

Delete file(s)

You can delete one or multiple log file(s) from your Hydromagic project by clicking the "Delete File" button. Before you can access this button you have to select either one or multiple files in the log files list. Before log files are permanently deleted, you first have to confirm you want to delete the selected log files files by clicking the "OK" button in the confirmation dialog which will be shown:

You always have to confirm removal of log files
You always have to confirm removal of log files.

Select All

With the "Select All" button the current selection will be reversed, which means that when none of the files has been selected, clicking this button will select all files. This button has been added to the tool bar to allow touch screen users to select or deselect all files by simply clicking a button.

Toggle Visibility

Use the "Toggle Visibility" button to toggle the visibility (show or hide) of the items selected in the interval log file list. From the "Project Explorer" it is possible to toggle visibility of log files, but you have to toggle them one-by-one, since there is no way to select multiple items at once. If you want to, for instance, hide all log files, the easiest method to do this, is to open the "Interval Log File Manager" from the "Project Explorer", then click the "Select All" button followed by clicking the "Toggle Visibility" button.