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Miller Cylindrical Projection

This is a projection with parallel spacing calculated to maintain a look similar to the Mercator projection while reducing the distortion near the poles and allowing the poles to be displayed. It is not equal-area, equidistant, conformal, or perspective. Scale is true along the Equator and constant between two parallels equidistant from the Equator. There is no distortion near the Equator, and it increases moderately away from the Equator, but it becomes severe at the poles.

The Miller Cylindrical projection is derived from the Mercator projection; parallels are spaced from the Equator by calculating the distance on the Mercator for a parallel at 80% of the true latitude and dividing the result by 0.8. The result is that the two projections are almost identical near the Equator.

Miller Cylindrical Projection
Miller Cylindrical Projection

Required Parameters

To convert Miller Cylindrical coordinates, the following parameters have to be set: