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Eye4Software Hydromagic - Knowledge Base - Sales and Licensing

Q210001 Is it allowed to use the Hydromagic license on multiple computers ?
Yes, you can use the license on multiple computer, however, you can use it on one computer at a time. Hydromagic is protected against unauthorized use using a dongle. Once the dongle is removed from the computer, the software will stop working. ...
Tags:  Licensing, Multiple Computers, Dongle

Q210002 Do I get a discount when buying multiple licenses ?
Yes you will, in fact you only pay the full price when buying a single license. When buying 2 or more licenses discounts will start at 10 percent. If you are interested in volume licensing, please contact our sales department for more information. ...
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Q210003 How long will it take to ship the license I ordered ?
This depends on to which country the dongle will be shipped. With regular mail, it will take a couple of days for Europe, 1 week for the United States and up to 6 weeks for other countries. For a more accurate estimate, please contact sales. If you want to be sure you will receive it ...
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Q210004 Do you sell hardware for use with Hydromagic ?
Eye4Software B.V. does not sell RTK receivers or echosounders. For hardware, please contact one of our resellers. ...
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Q2100005 I have a computer bound license, how can the license be transferred to another computer ?
Transferring a license to another computer, for instance when a computer needs to be replaced, reinstalled or is stolen, is free if you meet the following requirements: You have a valid maintenance (support) contract with us or your local reseller You can supply the original Ticket-Id, l ...
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