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Eye4Software Hydromagic - Knowledge Base - Software installation

Q221001 During installation, the installer issues a "Error opening file for writing" error. How can I fix this issue?
When the Hydromagic installer program shows a popup with the warning: "Error opening file for writing", it means that one of the files needed to run the Hydromagic software could not be copied to your hard disk. This can have multiple causes including: You are trying to software on a loca ...
Tags:  Installer, Installation, Installer Troubleshooting, Locked files

Q221002 Will Hydromagic operate under a standard (non-administrator) Windows user account, assuming that Admin credentials are available for the install?
Hydromagic will run without problems using a standard Windows user account. To make sure all the users can use the software, you must run the software installer using an Administrator account, so the installer package can set the correct file permissions for all folders and registry keys used by H ...
Tags:  installation, installer, user accounts, administrator

Q221003 I just downloaded the installer, but upon opening the executable I got the error: “Windows cannot access hydromagic_full_64bit.exe”.
This is probably a problem with access privileges or a corrupted download. Please check the following: " Check whether the download has been completed, this message might occur when the browser has been closed before the file was downloaded completely. The file might be removed by a virus ...
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