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Hydromagic Dongle Troubleshooting

The Hydromagic Survey and Dredging software packages are protected against unauthorized use by an USB dongle. The software itself is encrypted and won't run until the decryption information can be read from the USB dongle.

In some cases, the dongle can also be a SD-Card or an USB dongle connected via a LAN or WAN network.
Your dongle should look like one of the dongles displayed below:

USB Key SmallSmall USB Key HUSB Key Small with KeyringSmall USB Key with Keyring USB Key LargeLarge USB Key SD-CardSD-Card

Missing License Error

When there is a problem with the dongle, or when it does not contain the correct license for the version that you are trying to launch, the following error message is displayed:

Hydromagic Dongle Missing

Upgrading the dongle

In cases where the error starts to show after reinstalling the software, it is most likely you installed a newer version then the old one. In this case the dongle might not contain a license for this version. When you have a valid maintenance contract, you can perform the steps described in this document to obtain a license update from our support department.

When you do not have a valid maintenance contract, please contact us for a quote to renew, or order the renewal directly from the Order Page.

Other causes of dongle issues

When the dongle contains the correct license, or even the 'LicenseUpdater' tool does not recognize it, please follow the steps below.

Dongle replacement

If this does not fix the problem you might need a replacement dongle. Although it is rare, dongles can break due to static electricity or water damage. A replacement dongle will be send free of charge when you have a valid maintenance contract and after we received back the broken dongle. For our mailing address, see the contact page.