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Adding waypoints

A waypoint can be defined as a marked position on a map, somewhere on the earth, with known coordinates. A waypoint can be part of a route. In GPS receivers, a waypoint is a point that can be selected as a coordinate to navigate to, or it can be used to just display a symbol on a map.

In Hydromagic, you can add a waypoint to the map to mark a position with a symbol and small text. For larger descriptions, you can place a comment. A waypoint can also be included in routes which can be created using the built-in route planner.

Example of a waypoint placed on the background map
Example of a waypoint placed on the background map.

Creating a waypoint

In Hydromagic, there are multiple ways to create a waypoint. You can create one manually from the "Waypoint Manager", using the "Project Waypoint" tool, or by right-clicking on the map. The easiest way is by clicking on the map so the waypoint is placed directly at the position pointed by the mouse cursor.

Zoom and pan over the background map until you find the position where you want to place the waypoint. Place the mouse cursor at this position, and click the right mouse button. From the context menu which appears, select the "Add Waypoint..." function to create and edit the new waypoint.

Select the Add Waypoint option from the context menu
Select the "Add Waypoint..." option from the context menu.

In this window, you can set some additional information about the waypoint, like the name the symbol to be drawn on the map. It is also possible to customize the way the text label is presented (background color, text color and transparency). The "Attach Photo" section can be used to link a filename of a photo to the waypoint.

The positions are already set when you create the waypoint from the map. If you are creating the waypoint from the "Waypoint Manager", the current GNSS position is used. You can toggle the coordinate fields to display either the WGS84 or projected positions, by checking the "Show position in Northing / Easting coordinates" check box. You may alter the positions before saving the waypoint by clicking "OK".

Use the dialog which appears to customize the waypoint presentation
Use the dialog which appears to customize the waypoint presentation.

Placing a waypoint at your current position

To place a new waypoint on your current position, for instance to mark a location of interest, just press the "F7" key on your keyboard. You can now alter the waypoint's details and save them by clicking the "OK" button.

Modifying waypoints

To modify a waypoint after it has been placed on the map, select the waypoint with the mouse (the mouse cursor should change from arrow to hand) and click the right mouse button, and select "Edit Waypoint..." as shown below. You will be able to alter all it's properties including the waypoint location. To remove a waypoint from your map, you can select the "Remove Waypoint..." option from the menu instead.

Select the Edit Waypoint option to modify an existing waypoint
Select the "Edit Waypoint..." option to modify an existing waypoint.

Moving waypoints

To move a waypoint, you can modify a waypoint's coordinates manually as described above, or you can use the mouse to drag the waypoint to its new position: Select the waypoint symbol with the mouse, click and hold the left mouse button and drag the waypoint to its new location. If you accidentally move a waypoint to an incorrect position, just select the "Undo" function by pressing "Ctrl-Z" on your keyboard.

Waypoints in the "Project Explorer" view

Each waypoint that is part of your project can be found in the "Project Explorer" view. When the "Project Explorer" is not visible, you can show it by selecting the "Project Explorer" option from the "View" menu at the top of the screen. The waypoints will be displayed when expanding the "Waypoints" folder in the project tree. You can right-click a waypoint to show more option, or double-click it to center the map on a waypoint position.

Waypoints can be accessed from the Project Explorer as well
Waypoints can be accessed from the "Project Explorer" view as well.

Waypoint Manager

To view a list off all the waypoints in your project, you can open the "Waypoint Manager", by right clicking the "Waypoints" folder in the "Project Explorer" and selecting the "Manage Waypoints..." option. It can be used to toggle the visibility of multiple waypoints at once, or to delete a selection of waypoints.

The Waypoint Manager allows you to perform operations on multiple waypoints at once
The "Waypoint Manager" allows you to perform operations on multiple waypoints at once.