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Projecting a waypoint

When projecting a waypoint, you basically create a waypoint on a certain distance and heading from a known position. In Hydromagic, there are multiple ways to project a waypoint. You can project the waypoint from another waypoint, a position on the map, a manually entered position or the current GPS position. In this example, we will project a waypoint, using another waypoint as a reference.

To open the "Project Waypoint" window, select the "Tools" => "Project Waypoint" option from the menu. The following window will appear:

Use the Project Waypoint tool to project a new position with an existing waypoint as reference
Use the "Project Waypoint" tool to project a new
position with an existing waypoint as reference.

In this window, you will find 2 buttons, a "Select..." button, to select the source waypoint, and a "GPS" button which can be used to automatically enter the current GPS position as source location. For this example, we will use another waypoint, so we click the "Select..." button and choose a waypoint from the list. If there is no waypoint in the list, you can walk through the Creating Waypoints tutorial to create a one. Once you selected a waypoint, the coordinates of this waypoint are copied into the Latitude / Longitude fields. For this example, we will create a new waypoint at 100 meters and a 45 degrees course from the selected waypoint. After we entered these values, we click "Project...".

When you want to place a new waypoint at a position projected from your current GNSS receiver position, click the "GPS" button to copy your current position into the coordinate fields. These coordinate fields can also be used to enter a reference position manually. Depending on the state of the "Show position in grid coordinates", you can enter the coordinate either in WGS84 or projected coordinates (your project's coordinate reference system will be used).

Saving the waypoint

An "Edit Waypoint" window will appear with the location of the projected waypoint already entered. You can now modify the waypoint's attributes such as waypoint name and symbol. Note that when a new waypoint is created, by default the symbol and label properties are inherited from the last created waypoint. This might be very handy when creating multiple waypoints which should use the same attributes.

A new waypoint will be created with the projected coordinates
A new waypoint will be created with the projected coordinates.

When done, click "OK" to save the waypoint. When looking at the map, you will find the new "PROJECTED" waypoint projected at an angle of 90 degrees and a distance of 25 meter from the selected waypoint.

Example of a projected waypoint
An example of a projected waypoint.