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Downloading Electronic Navigational Charts (S-57)

Since version 9.0 of Hydromagic, a built-in map downloader was added, which enables you to download Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) in S-57 format directly from the Internet. Make sure you download this at the office since an Internet connection is required. When downloading in the field using a cellular connection, data may can be charged.

At the moment only maps for the United States are available. In the future also other countries will be added. All NOAA coastal (ENC) and USACE inland charts (IENC) can be downloaded using this feature. If you are looking for S-57 charts for other countries, please have a look at these S-57 download locations.

When no Electronic Navigational Charts are available for your location, you can always use the regular map downloading tool to download street or topographic maps or satellite imagery for your survey or dredging project.

Example S-57 Electronic Navigational Charts
Example of an Electronic Navigational Chart loaded in Hydromagic Survey.

Download ENC tool

To start the map downloading tool, right click the "Maps" folder in the "Project Explorer", and select the "Download ENC..." option from the popup menu as shown in the image below.

Download Maps
Right click the "Maps" folder and select the "Download ENC..."
option to start the ENC downloader.

Selecting charts

In the dialog that appears, you can select the charts to download by checking the box in front of the chart number. You can use the search field to search by chart name, area or number. The list will be filtered while you type.

Downloading Electronic Navigational Charts
Please select the files to download from the ENC catalog.

Download charts

After selecting the charts to be included into the project, click "Download Cells..." to download the S-57 cells. While the software is downloading and installing the maps, the current progress will be shown.

Downloading Electronic Navigational Charts
The download process can be monitored in the "Activity View" and progress window.

When the chart(s) has been downloaded and installed, click the "Close" button to close the progress window. The selected chart(s) will be automatically loaded now.