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Hydromagic Activity View

The activity view (since Hydromagic 9.0) is a window that is docked below the map view, which shows all kinds of real-time information.
In earlier versions, this information could be accessed by opening the 'Event Log View', which has been deprecated as of version 9.0.

The reason for the activity view was to supply direct feedback when something fails, or to show more information about ongoing processes such as data-processing. For instance, when a plugin did not load, this will be reported directly in the activity view, so you know right away that something is wrong.

It can also be used to receive real-time information on devices connected to Hydromagic, or to get status updates from your autopilot.

Hydromagic real time activity window

Activity View Tabs

The activity view will always have three tabs. More tabs might be displayed depending on which plugin(s) you have loaded:


The 'All' tab will display all general information like plugins that were loaded, maps that have been imported and all system errors.
Sometimes more detailed information is sent to the 'Processing' tab, for instance when you are loading a map, the loading process will be displayed in the 'Processing' tab.


The 'Processing' tab will show information on all processing jobs like importing maps, parsing files, loading projects, post processing data and far more. When you process data and for some reason you do not get the desired result, please consult this tab for more information on the problem.


When downloading files from the web, such as background maps, nautical charts or geoid models, the download process will be displayed here. You can find the web URL's used to download the content, and in case of problems you can find the cause of the error here (i.e. website down, or document not found).


When an autopilot sends status updates (for instance waypoint reached or route uploaded), you can view them in the 'Autopilot' tab. This tab is hidden when no autopilot plugin has been loaded. Please refer to this document for more info on using autopilots with Hydromagic.

Showing or hiding the activity view

By default, the activity view is docked at the bottom of the Hydromagic application, below the map display. Using the gripper just above the title bar of the activity view you can resize it so you can control how much vertical space it takes away from the map display.

When the activity view is hidden, or when you want to temporarily get rid of it (although not recommended), you can toggle its visibility by clicking the "Activity View" menu item in the "View" menu (shown below).

Showing or hiding the activity view from the menu

Docking the view below the map display

When you enable the activity view and it is not properly docked below the map display (i.e. displayed as a floating window), just use the mouse and left click the mouse on the title bar of the activity view window. While holding the left mouse button down, drag it into the 'down arrow' button as displayed below.

docking the activity view below the map display

Copy text from the activity view

To copy text from the activity view, for instance when you need support on an error, hold down the 'CTRL' key when clicking one or multiple lines in the view. When you have selected all the text you want to copy, right click on one of the selected items and choose the "Copy Text" option from the popup menu that appears. Now you can use the "CTRL" + "V" key combination to paste the text in an email or text document.

Copy lines of text from the activity view to the clipboard

Customizing text colors used in the activity view

Tracing information in the activity view uses distinct colors for error, success, warning, logging and information messages. For instance, errors are displayed in red, while success messages are colored green. To change the color for each type of message, simply right click the activity view and choose the "Edit Color Settings..." menu item to start customizing.

Customize the text colors used in the activity view