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CEE HydroSystems project files

CEE HydroSystems projects are loaded by selecting one or more .CSC file(s). When there is binary water column sample data available, these are stored in one or multiple CSA files (usually 1.csa). These CSA files reside in a folder with the same name as the CSC file, which is located in the same folder as the project file. You can find these folders in the 'logged_data' folder of your system's SD-Card.

All data is stored along with high precision timestamps. The digitized depths, NMEA0183 position strings and (optional) motion sensor data are stored in the CSC file, which is human readable since an ASCII format is used. Some example data can be found below:

  VER 3.0.10 3.0.3 3.0.3 "CEE-MB rev 3.0"
  TME 19/06/2018 22:56:50 LOCAL_TIME 0min
  DEV 0 NOV628 EXTERNAL CMR+ 0.00 "GNSS Novatel628"
  DEV 1 0.00 0.00 1500.0 m/s MANUAL "Echosounder A (HF)"
  DEV 2 0.00 0.00 1500.0 m/s MANUAL "Echosounder B (LF)"
  DEV 7 "EVENT Button"
  HCP 10 82606707 :053D0B  0000U 0074  0110
  ECH 2 82606721 009.92
  ECH 1 82606721 010.03
  MSG 0 82606724 $GPGGA,225646.80,3341.8629,S,15106.9026,E,4,14,0.9,160.80,M,23.10,M,00,0000*70
  HCP 10 82606754 :053D0B  0000U 0076  0109
  ECH 2 82606780 009.93
  ECH 1 82606780 010.03
  HCP 10 82606801 :053D0B  0000U 0077  0109
  ECH 2 82606838 009.92
  ECH 1 82606838 010.04
  HCP 10 82606841 :033D58  0000U 0078  0108
  HCP 10 82606895 :033D58  0000U 0079  0107
  ECH 2 82606897 009.92
  ECH 1 82606897 010.04
  MSG 0 82606921 $GPZDA,225647.00,19,06,2018,,*63
  MSG 0 82606935 $GPGGA,225647.00,3341.8629,S,15106.9026,E,4,14,0.9,160.80,M,23.10,M,01,0000*78
Content of a CEE HydroSystems .CSC project file (position, heave and dual frequency depths)

Starting the raw data import wizard

All file formats which Hydromagic is able to convert to raw data files, can be imported through the raw data import wizard. To start the wizard, right-click the 'Raw Data' folder in the 'Project Explorer' and select the 'Import Data Wizard...' option.

Starting the raw data import wizard
Right click the "Raw Data" folder and select "Import Data Wizard...".

Select file format

The first page of the wizard allows you to set the format of the file(s) we wish to import. Since this tutorial is about importing CEE HydroSystems data, we select the 'CEE HydroSystems Project Files (*.csc)' option from the drop-down list.

Select file format
Select the "CEE HydroSystems Project Files" option from the drop-down list.

Select file(s) to import

In the second page of the wizard you can select which files to import. Click the 'Browse...' button to select the folder on your computer where the files are stored. After changing the folder the file list is reloaded, and you can use the check boxes to select one or more file(s) to import.

Select file(s) to import
Select which files from the folder you wish to import as raw data.

Starting the import

When the format, the files and the additional options has been set, you can start the import process by clicking the 'Finish' button on the last page of the wizard.

The file currently processed is displayed in the status bar at the bottom of the screen and the wizard shows a message box stating 'File(s) successfully imported as raw data file(s)' as soon as the process has completed. Click 'OK' to close the dialog and the imported files will be centered in the map view (only when they contain position data).

import options
Click the "Finish" button to start the import process.

Checking the imported raw data file(s)

When the import has completed, you can right-click the generated raw data files, and select 'Analyze Data...' to inspect the imported values and timestamps. When binary water column sample data has been imported from one or more CSA files, this data can be viewed by right-clicking the raw data file and selecting the 'Digitize Echogram...' option. When the import did not complete successfully, you can refer to the "Processing" tab of the activity view for more details on the error shown.