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Where do I configure the horizontal distance between the transducer and GPS antenna?

In order to get accurate soundings when GPS antenna and echosounder transducer are not mounted on the same location, an offset has to be calculated by taking the X and Y offset between the sensors and project this position using the vessels heading.

In Hydromagic, the position of the transducer and antenna can be configured using the "Vessel Editor". Using the Vessel Editor, you can define the shape of the survey vessel, as well as the position of the sensor relative to the vessel.

When loading the vessel file into the Hydromagic configuration, both the vessel and soundings will be drawn at the correct position.

For detailed information on the Vessel Editor, please have a look at the manual.

Tags:  Vessel Shape, Transducer offset, Sensor offsets, Heading, Vessel Designer, Vessel Shape Editor