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What does the "Maintenance Expiration Date" in the About box mean? Will the software stop working after this date?

The maintenance expiration date is the ending date of the maintenance contract. By default, the software comes with a maintenance contract of one year which starts at the date of purchase. After this year, you can renew this maintenance contract yearly, or you can extend it for multiple years at once.

The Maintenance Expiration Date in the About box
The "Maintenance Expiration Date" in the "About box".

When the maintenance contract expires, you will still be able to use the software, because the license is perpetual (except when you have rented the software, but in this case the ending date is shown in the "License Expiration Date" field) it will continue to work as long as the USB dongle has been connected, or a computer bound license is installed on your computer.

Without a valid maintenance contract, you can not:

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