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Eye4Software Hydromagic - Knowledge Base - Configuration

Q130001 Is it possible to change the latitude / longitude format ?
Yes, positions can be displayed in various latitude/longitude formats. When a map projection has been specified, positions can also be displayed in local grid units. To change the latitude/longitude format used in the software, select "Preferences" from the "Options" menu, and select the "U ...
Tags:  Position Format, Coordinate Format, Local Grid Coordinates

Q130002 I am using a satellite image to navigate, however it is hard to see the vessel shape. Can I change it's color ?
Yes, this is possible. You can specify both the vessel's shape and color. To do so, select "Preferences" from the "Options" menu, and click the "Map" tab. At the bottom of this tab, you will find a section called "Vessel shape, color and offsets". You can set the line color of the vessel sh ...
Tags:  Vessel Shape, Vessel Color

Q130003 Is it possible to correct sounding with the salinity at sea ?
The speed of sound through salt water differs from the speed in fresh water. Hydromagic supports sound velocity correction. To enter the sound velocity for different layers of water, select "Preferences..." from the "Options" menu, and select the "Calibration" tab. Click the " ...
Tags:  Sound Velocity, Salinity, Sea Water, Speed of Sound

Q130004 Where do I configure the distance between the transducer and GPS antenna ?
In order to get accurate soundings when GPS antenna and echosounder transducer are not mounted on the same location, an offset has to be calculated by taking the X and Y offset between the sensors and project this position using the vessels heading. In Hydromagic, the position of the transd ...
Tags:  Transducer offset, Sensor offsets, Heading, Vessel Shape, Vessel Designer, Vessel Shape Editor