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Q110005 I connected a device to a serial port, but no data is coming in. What should I do ?
When no data is received, please check the following steps before contacting support: Make sure the device is plugged in Double check for serial port and speed When the serial cable has only 2 or 3 connections, make sure the hardware flow control in the device's configuration is ...
Tags:  No Data Received, Serial Port, NMEA0183, Baudrate, Flow Control

Q111003 My GPS outputs data at 9600bps, is this speed supported ?
The recommended baudrate for NMEA0183 devices is 4800bps. These days, some GPS units are also using 9600bps or even 19200bps for some RTK receivers. The software allows you to change the port speed of a NMEA0183 channel between the most commonly used baudrates, so other speeds then 4800bps ...
Tags:  NMEA0183, Serial Ports, Baudrate