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Q115001 Can I use a NMEA0183 compatible total station with your software?
Yes you can. Most total stations output a NMEA0183 compatible GGA sentence to pass position data.Where the position data is in WGS84 on GPS receivers, the total station outputs northing and eastings.To use a total station, just connect it to an available serial port and use the "Trimble Total Stati ...
Tags:  Total Station, GGA, Psuedo NMEA0183

Q116001 Can your Hydromagic software output an APA or APB sentence for autopilot control?
The Hydromagic software does not output APA or APB autopilot NMEA0183 sentences. However, it is possible to use the NMEAOUT plugin to output position and cross track error messages over a serial port (XTE and GGA sentences). ...
Tags:  autopilot, NMEA0183, APA, APB, XTE, GGA, NMEA0183 output, NMEA0183 generator