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Q200011 What is HARN or HPGN ?
A High Accuracy Reference Network (HARN) and a High Precision Geodetic Network (HPGN) were two designations used for a statewide geodetic network upgrade. The generic acronym HARN is now used for both HARN and HPGN and was adopted to remove the confusion arising from the use of two acronyms. A HAR ...
Tags:  HARN, HPGN, Map Datum Conversion, Map Datum Transformation Grid, Transformation Grid

Q200012 Which horizontal datum transformations are supported ?
Hydromagic is able to convert between geoidetic datums using one of the following translation algorithms: No transformation Molodensky Bursa Wolf NADCON HARN or HPGN NTv2 ...
Tags:  Datum Transformation, Molodensky, Bursa Wolf, NADCON, HARN, HPGN, NTv2