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Q200006 Does your software support the State Plane Coordinate System ?
Yes it does, all SPCS27 and SPCS83 map grids are present in Hydromagic. More information on the State Plane Coordinate System can be found here. ...
Tags:  Geodesy, State Plane Coordinate System, SPCS27, SPCS83, NAD27, NAD83

Q200008 I want to use NADCON to convert between NAD83 and NAD27, is this supported ?
NADCON is fully supported, the correction files are also shipped with the application. ...
Tags:  NADCON, NAD83, NAD27

Q200014 I am using NAD27 as map datum but the position is about 100ft off
When using NAD27, coordinate conversion tages place between NAD83 (WGS84) and NAD27.There are two variants, a matrix transformation or tranformation by a datum shift file.By default Hydromagic is using the matrix transformation. If your map or project is using the datum shift file transformation you ...
Tags:  NAD27, NAD83, NADCON, Position Error, Datum Shift

Q200015 How can I change a grid to use NADCON for NAD27 to NAD83 translation ?
By default, all State Plane grids that use NAD27, use a regular (Molodensky) NAD27 to NAD 83 transformation. It is not very difficult to change the built in grid to use NADCON conversion: Make sure you run the software as an Administrator, or make sure UAC in windows is turned off Select the "Mana ...
Tags:  State Plane Coordinate System, NAD27, NAD83, NADCON