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Q150010 What is the difference between the raw data files in the "RawData" and "Modified" folders ?
To make sure that the original data from your sounding remains untouched, all modifications on the raw data are stored in a separate folder, which is the "Modified" folder. Files in the "Modified" folder are generated when modifying your raw data files using the "Create Sounding Wizard". ...
Tags:  Raw data files, Modified data files, Sounding files

Q150011 When recording data, nothing is displayed on the map, how can I fix this issue ?
When recording is started, and your vessel is moving, all positions recorded to the raw data file should be shown on your background map. If this is not the case, please check one of the following: Visibility Make sure your raw file(s) are visible. You can toggle the visibility of ...
Tags:  Raw data files, Display raw data, Realtime depth display