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Creating boundaries

A boundary is required when using volume calculations. It is also used to specify a clipping region when creating a matrix or depth contour map.
The easiest way to create a boundary is by drawing a polygon on the map, but it is also possible to enter the coordinates manually.

Create by using the mouse

To start a new boundary, just click "Boundary Drawing Tool" button in the toolbar: ( draw boundary button ).

Secondly, use the mouse to select the corners of the area, by left-clicking the corner locations on the map.
When finished, click the right mouse button to store the boundary and return to the old cursor mode.

The newly created boundary should now appear in the "Project Explorer".

By default a new boundary is named "BOUNDARYXXXX" where "XXXX" is the number of the boundary.
Boundaries are drawn as red, dotted lines. The boundary points are drawn as red rectangles.

Draw Boundary

Modify by using the mouse

To modify a created boundary, regardless whether it has been created by entering coordinates or by using the mouse, can be modified by dragging it's corner point around. First, you have to activate the boundary you want to alter. This can be done by right-clicking on the boundary name in the "Project Explorer", and selecting the "Set Active" option. It is only possible to drag the points around when the "Disable Drag and Drop" options is turned off (enabled by default). This can be done from the "Cursor" menu.

Create by entering coordinates

When your client has supplied a list of coordinates for the area that you need to survey, you can also create a boundary by manually entering these coordinates. To do so, right-click the "Boundaries" folder in the "Project Explorer" and select the "Add Boundary..." option. The following dialog will appear:

Edit Boundary

The table shows the coordinates of the corners of the boundary. The toolbar at the bottom of the dialog allows you to insert, delete or alter the coordinates.

This dialog can also be used to modify boundaries created by using the mouse, or to rename a previously created boundary:

Button Function
modify coordinate Edit the selected coordinate.
add coordinate Add a new coordinate to the list.
insert coordinate Insert a new coordinate before the selected coordinate.
delete coordinate(s) Deletes the selected coordinate(s).
delete all coordinates Clears the list (delete all coordinates).
reload coordinates list Reload the list.
show selected on map Show selected coordinate on the map.
toggle local grid coordinates Toggle coordinates between WGS84 and local grid.

Removing a boundary

A boundary can be removed by right-clicking on the boundary name in the "Project Explorer" followed by selecting the "Remove Boundary..." option.
After a confirmation, the boundary will be removed from the project.