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Accelerator keys

An accelerator key is a key on your keyboard that you can press to quickly access a menu or function.
This can be used for often used functions, such as start or stop recording a sounding.

When using an accelerator key, you do not longer have to use the mouse while trying to navigate your vessel at the same time.

Default accelerator keys

A couple of accelerator keys are already defined after installation of the software.
These keys provide direct access to the functions in the "Survey" menu as shown below:

Predefined accelerators

Adding and modifying accelerator keys

In addition to the standard accelerator keys, there is the possibility to add keys by your own,
to modify accelerators, or to reset all accelerators to their default values.

To do so, click the small arrow at the right of the tool bar,
and select the "Customize..." option from the "Add or Remove buttons..." menu, as show below:

Access the customization menu

In the dialog that appears, click the "Keyboard" tab to access the accelerator keys configuration:

Customize accelerator keys in the Hydromagic software

To create a new accelerator, for instance, the F1 key to access the offline help program,
select the menu item you want to associate with the F1 key as described in the following steps:

After performing the steps above, you should see something like this:

Accelerator customization example

To reset all accelerator keys to their default values, just click the "Reset All" button.

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