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Area Measurements

Eye4Software Hydromagic offers a variety of tools to calculate or measure the area covered by a sounding, map feature or other object.
The results of an area measurement are displayed using one of the following units:

Areas are calculated by converting all coordinates of the selected area to vectors.
The calculated vectors are passed to a cross-product formula used to calculate the total area of the object measured.

Setting area units

Before performing an area measurement, make sure your preferred area units have been set!

To specify the units used for area calculation, open the "Preferences" dialog, by selecting "Preferences..." from the "Options" menu.
Now click on the "Units" tab. For more info on how to set units, please refer to the "Unit settings" page.

Use the "Area Units" drop down box to select the preferred units, and click the "OK" button to store the new setting.

Changing the selected units for areas

Measuring the area of a map object

Areas of map objects can be calculated by selecting the corner coordinates of the polygon using the mouse.
To get the most accurate results, make sure that the object is zoomed in at the maximum zoom level.

Now select the "Area" cursor tool by selecting "Area" from the "Cursor" menu.
All you have to do is select all the corners of the object, as shown in the screen shot below:

Measuring areas in Hydromagic

You will notice a blue line drawn around the object.
A dialog box appears on top on the map showing the current area and perimeter of the map object.

When you finished measuring, just click the right mouse button to dismiss the dialog box,
and return to the previous mouse mode.