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Eye4Software Hydromagic - Knowledge Base - Raw data files, raw data processing and soundings

Q150001 What is the quickest and easiest way to start a sounding from a blank project ?
Starting a sounding in Hydromagic is very easy. However, a few steps are required to collect the information needed. We assume that the hardware is already connected, powered up and configured, and your GPS or RTK receiver has a valid position fix. Select a local map projection by clickin ...
Tags:  Create Sounding, Start Sounding, Start Recording

Q150002 How to automatically stop sounding when RTK signal has been lost ?
In Hydromagic it is possible to set an alarm on the GPS/RTK statistics. For instance, when the number of sats used is to low, the DOP is to high, or a correction signal is lost, you can pause the sounding and / or sound an alarm. How to setup and use alarms is covered in detail in th ...
Tags:  Monitor RTK, Monitor GPS, Minimum Satellites, Maximum DOP, Correction Signal, GPS Quality

Q150003 Is it possible to add depth contours manually?
Yes, Hydromagic supports a feature called shorelines, which allows you to manually add depth contours to your sounding,for instance the 0 contour at places where a lake reaches the shore (see image below).A tutorial on how to add shorelines or depth contours can be found in the online manual. ...
Tags:  Depth Contours, Shoreline, Shoreline Data

Q150004 Is it possible to correct sounding with the salinity at sea?
The speed of sound through salt water differs from the speed in fresh water. Hydromagic will correct soundings for sound velocity during the generation of soundings in the "Generate soundings wizard".More information about how to use sound velocity corrections in Hydromagic can be found in the manua ...
Tags:  Sound Velocity, Salinity, Sea Water, Speed of Sound

Q150010 What is the difference between the raw data files in the "RawData" and "Modified" folders ?
To make sure that the original data from your sounding remains untouched, all modifications on the raw data are stored in a separate folder, which is the "Modified" folder. Files in the "Modified" folder are generated when modifying your raw data files using the "Create Sounding Wizard". ...
Tags:  Raw data files, Modified data files, Sounding files

Q150011 When recording data, nothing is displayed on the map, how can I fix this issue ?
When recording is started, and your vessel is moving, all positions recorded to the raw data file should be shown on your background map. If this is not the case, please check one of the following: Visibility Make sure your raw file(s) are visible. You can toggle the visibility of ...
Tags:  Raw data files, Display raw data, Realtime depth display

Q150021 How can I remove invalid GPS positions from my recorded data ?
Big errors in GPS positions on the map are often caused by an error in the NMEA0183 data decoded by the software. We recommend you to enable CRC checksum for NMEA0183 devices. To remove these positions from your recorded data, just go through the "Generate Sounding Wizard" until you reach t ...
Tags:  GPS Errors, Position Errors, Checksum Error, Position Editor

Q150025 When the raw data files are viewed in the map they all show 0.00m as the depth whereas the data view shows a valid depth.
When the depth in the data view is correct and is displayed in green, the data should be recorded correctly. The map display will display a depth of 0.00 when: The sounder is only sending low frequency depth readings to the Hydromagic software, while high frequency depths are displayed ...
Tags:  Dual frequency, invalid depths, zero depths, low frequency, toggle frequency

Q150026 During the processing I deleted all the RAW files from the project. Is there any ways to recover the files?
When deleting the raw files from the software, the raw data files will be removed from the disk as well. In this case you can most probably recover the files by copying them back from the "Backups" folder under the project root to the "RawData" folder. When you deleted the files in Windows ...
Tags:  raw data, restoring data, deleted files, backup, restore