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Q100003 During installation, the installer is complaining that the 'CodeMeter.exe' file cannot be overwritten. What should I do ?
You received this error most probably because you are upgrading an existing version of the software. You can click the 'Ignore' button to ignore the message and continue the install. However, we recommend to use the following approach: Uninstall the old version if not done ...
Tags:  Installation, Error, Codemeter

Q220001 When I try to run the software, a popup is presenting the following error:"CmContairner Entry not found, Error 200"
The full version of Hydromagic is protected against unauthorized use using a dongle or hardlock. When you try the run the full version of the software without the hardlock or dongle connected to an USB port on your PC or notebook, you will receive the error: " CodeMeter 102088:130 Failure r ...
Tags:  Codemeter, Dongle, Hardlock, Software Security, Software Protection