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Q210001 Is it allowed to use the Hydromagic license on multiple computers ?
Yes, you can use the license on multiple computer, however, you can use it on one computer at a time. Hydromagic is protected against unauthorized use using a dongle. Once the dongle is removed from the computer, the software will stop working. ...
Tags:  Licensing, Multiple Computers, Dongle

Q210003 How long will it take to ship the license I ordered ?
This depends on to which country the dongle will be shipped. With regular mail, it will take a couple of days for Europe, 1 week for the United States and up to 6 weeks for other countries. For a more accurate estimate, please contact sales. If you want to be sure you will receive it ...
Tags:  Licensing, Shipping, Dongle, Delivery Times

Q220001 When I try to run the software, a popup is presenting the following error:"CmContairner Entry not found, Error 200"
The full version of Hydromagic is protected against unauthorized use using a dongle or hardlock. When you try the run the full version of the software without the hardlock or dongle connected to an USB port on your PC or notebook, you will receive the error: " CodeMeter 102088:130 Failure r ...
Tags:  Codemeter, Dongle, Hardlock, Software Security, Software Protection