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Software Protection

Eye4Software Hydromagic is protected against unauthorized use by an (USB) dongle, or by installing a software based, computer bound, license on the computer.
Upon ordering or renting the full version of the software, either the dongle is shipped, or an activation link will be send. This depends on the license type ordered.

Computer bound license

Since version 8.4 of the software, the software can also be activated with a so called 'computer bound license'.
When the customer chooses a computer bound license instead of a physical dongle, an URL is generated for each computer the user is allowed to run the software on.

This license doesn't require any shipping, so delievery times are close to zero. It is not possible to transfer this kind of license from one computer to another.
For more information on how computer bound licenses work, please check this document.


Make sure the dongle is inserted in the USB socket correctly. On some dongle models two LED's (red and green) will lit up shortly on insertion.

When you start the software, and the following error message is displayed, it means that no valid license has been found on the system.
It is also displayed when you install a version which is more recent then the expiration date of your support contract.

An error appears when no license has been installed or an USB dongle is absent

Dongle troubleshooting

In some cases the software displays this error, even when the dongle has been inserted. Only in rare cases this is caused by a faulty dongle.
When you encounter this error message while the dongle has been inserted, please perform the following steps first:

- Make sure the dongle has been inserted fully;

When the device isn't inserted correctly in the USB socket of the computer, the dongle isn't going to be recognized by Windows.

- Try different USB sockets on your PC;

Some devices won't work with USB 3.0 sockets on your computer, trying another port might help.
This check also rules out defective or not connected USB sockets on your computer.

- Make sure the CodeMeter runtime is installed;

The CodeMeter runtime is used by Windows and Hydromagic to access the dongle.
When this piece of software is missing the dongle might not work.

The CodeMeter runtime is installed during the Hydromagic installation.
For some reason the installation may have been corruped, you can reinstall it by reinstalling Hydromagic.

- Check whether the dongle shows up in the Windows explorer as an USB drive;

This is a good indication to see whether Windows has detected and installed the device driver software for the dongle.
When the dongle doesn't show up you might try another computer. When the dongle shows up but isn't recognized by the software, please request a license update.

- Try the dongle on another PC.

After performing the above steps, it can be possible the dongle still isn't working.
In this case, repeat the steps on another PC. If still not working, please contact support.

Getting version and licensing information

In order to get information on the (build) version used and the licensing status of the product,
select the "About Hydromagic..." option from the "Help" menu.

A dialog box will be displayed containing licensing status, dongle or software license serial number (if applicable) as well as the version and build number.
Please provide this information when contacting technical support. We can use this information to check your support contract status.

Hydromagic licensed with physical dongle   Hydromagic licensed with computer bound license   Hydromagic demo version  

Dongle form factors

When ordering a new Hydromagic license with dongle, an USB dongle will be shipped to the address supplied during the ordering process.
In case you don't have any USB ports available for an USB dongle, we can also supply a dongle in one of the following form factors:

Please contact sales for more information on these alternatives.
Please note that an additional fee may apply.

Dongle form factors for Hydromagic