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Generating a reference matrix from sections

A reference matrix that can be used to perform volume calculations can be created from:

Channel design

When comparing the matrix created from a sounding with a matrix created from a channel design,
we can calculate the amount of material which has to be (re)moved in order to get the same result as in the channel design.

Cross sections displayed on top of map

Generate the matrix

To start creating a matrix from the channel design, right click on the "Sections" folder in the "Project Explorer"
and select the "Generate Matrix..." options as shown below:

Select the generate matrix option from the sections folder

After selecting this option the "Generate Matrix from Sections" dialog will be displayed, as shown in the image below:

Generate matrix from sections dialog


Select which sections you want to include in the matrix calculation. In most cases you select all sections, which can be done by clicking the "Select All" button.
To deselect all sections, click the "Select None" button. To select only section that are set as visible in the project, click "Select Visible".


Set the required spacing. Please note that when using the volume calculation using matrices,
this spacing should be equal to the one used in the matrix generated from the sounding.

Clipping area

Select which area or boundary will be used to indicate the clipping area of the matrix generated from the sections. This value is required.


Click the browse button to select a folder and file name for the generated matrix.
The matrix is saved as an ASCII file containing all the XYZ pairs calculated by this tool using TIN.


To save the XYZ data in a different projection then the current one, click the "Select..." button to change the projection.
Coordinates will be converted when the output file is being written.

Starting generation

When all parameters has been set, the matrix will be calculated and added to the project.
During the generation process, a progress bar will be shown in the status bar.

When finished and loaded, you will see something similar to the image below:

Generated matrix from sections