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Eye4Software Hydromagic - Knowledge Base - Echo sounders

Q112001 Do you have an up-to-date list of echosounders that are known to work well with your software ?
A list of supported hardware (including echosounders and fishfinders) can be found here. Please note, that when a device isn't listed, this does not mean it does not work with our software. It is safe to say that every echosounder or fishfinder that supports either the NMEA0183 (DP ...
Tags:  Echosounders, Fishfinders, Supported Hardware

Q112002 Where to enter the transducer offset ?
To enter the transducer offset, also known as keel offset, select "Preferences..." from the "Options" menu and select the "Calibration" tab. You will see an option "Use echosounder offset". Enable this option and enter the distance between the bottom of the transducer and the waterline in t ...
Tags:  Echosounder, Transducer Offset, Keel Offset

Q112003 Is it possible to map bottom hardness using your software ?
Yes, this is possible, however this feature is not supported for all echosounders. For Hydromagic to calculate the bottom hardness, you need echosounder hardware which is capable of: Return reflectivity Return bottom-loss Return multiple return signals (E1 and E2) Retur ...
Tags:  Bottom Hardness, Dual Frequency, Reflectivity, Return Signals, Bottom Loss

Q112004 Where do I configure the draft in your software?
In hydrography, the (static) draft is the offset between the bottom of the echosounder's transducer and the water surface. This is normally a fixed value and should not change very often. Some echosounders allow you to define this draft in the echosounder's configuration.In cases in which it isn't ...
Tags:  Transducer offset, draft, dynamic draft, sounder offset

Q112005 Can I connect devices with Bluetooth?
Yes this is supported.When a device has been paired with your computer, virtual serial ports will be created on your system.They will be called something like "Standard serial port over Bluetooth link #1".Just check which "COMxx" port is associated with the serial port, and use this to configure the ...
Tags:  Bluetooth, Serial ports, wireless

Q112006 Where do I configure the horizontal distance between the transducer and GPS antenna?
In order to get accurate soundings when GPS antenna and echosounder transducer are not mounted on the same location, an offset has to be calculated by taking the X and Y offset between the sensors and project this position using the vessels heading.In Hydromagic, the position of the transducer and a ...
Tags:  Vessel Shape, Transducer offset, Sensor offsets, Heading, Vessel Designer, Vessel Shape Editor

Q112007 It seems that the output format of my echo sounder is not supported, what can I do?
Hydromagic supports most (single beam) echo sounders on the market, including a couple of commonly used echo sounder output format including: NMEA0183 DESO25 Odom SBT/DBT. When your sounder does not support one of the above data outputs, and there is no dedicated plugin for you ...
Tags:  echo sounder, plugins, DESO, proprietary format, unsupported hardware, ASCII output, hardware setup, generic echo sounder plugin

Q112008 My dual frequency echo sounder only supports the NMEA0183 output format. How does Hydromagic know which depth is high and which is low frequency?
All depth sentences defined in the NMEA0183 protocol specification are designed for single frequency use. At the moment of writing there are no NMEA0183 sentences which can be used to support dual frequency depth data. Some echo sounder manufacturers have found a way around this by using th ...
Tags:  echo sounder, NMEA0183, dual frequency, XDR, transducer data, plugin, XDLO, XDHI

Q112009 I was wondering if you could tell me if Hydromagic can accept data from sub-bottom profilers?
Yes, Hydromagic support a couple of echo sounders with sub-bottom profiler functionality. At the moment the following supported echo sounders can be used to record sub-bottom data: Unabara Z-Axis2F Syqwest sub-bottom profilers Innomar sub-bottom profilers. Hydromagic ma ...
Tags:  sub-buttom, sub-bottom data, sub-bottom profiler, SEG-Y, Innomar, Unabara, Syqwest

Q112010 Can your software simultaneously collect dual frequency for both high and low frequency soundings?
Yes, when your echo sounder has a serial data output capable of transferring dual frequency depth data to a PC, the depth reading for both the high and low frequencies will be stored into the raw data file. You can check if this work by checking the "Data View" window. It should how both de ...
Tags:  echo sounder, dual frequency, dual frequency echo sounder, recording dual frequency data

Q112011 Does your software support multi transducer echo sounder systems?
Starting with version 11 of the Hydromagic Survey software, systems consisting out of more then one single transducer will be supported. At this moment the only multi transducer option is the Unabara Z-Sweep MTES system, which is a system that can use up to 8 transducers. Please note ...
Tags:  MTES, multi transducers, multi transducer echo sounder, Z-Sweep