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Eye4Software Hydromagic - Knowledge Base - Post Processing

Q160001 I want to create a 3D view from my sounding, is this supported ?
In order to create a 3D view, you have to create a matrix first. To do so, right click on the "Matrices" folder in the project explorer and select "Generate Matrix". When a matrix has been created, right click on the matrix in the project explorer and select the "3D View" option. ...
Tags:  3D, 3D View, Matrix

Q160002 There are some void spots in my generated matrix, can this be fixed ?
There are two causes for voids in the matrix data. The first one has something to do with the color ranges. When certain points are outside the range of the color table, they are just not drawn. Select "Matrix Colors..." from the "Options" menu to adjust the color ranges. This also hap ...
Tags:  Matrix Voids, Matrix, Color Ranges, Line Spacing

Q160003 Is it possible to add depth contours manually ?
Yes, Hydromagic supports a feature called shorelines, which allows you to manually add depth contours to your sounding, for instance the 0 contour at places where a lake reaches the shore (see image below). A tutorial on how to add shorelines or depth contours can be found in the online man ...
Tags:  Depth Contours, Shoreline, Shoreline Data

Q160004 I created a XYZ matrix file and I noticed a lot of -9999 values ?
A depth / elevation value of -9999 in Hydromagic matrix files indicate a void cell. This means there is no value calculated for this cell. To create a XYZ file without the void cells, you have to use the "Export ASCII Sounding" tool, which can be started by selecting "Export" = "Export ASCI ...
Tags:  XYZ Matrix File, XYZ Matrix Export, Matrix Export

Q160005 Is it possible to generate a matrix without depth values and only colors, like the example on your homepage?
Yes, this is possible. It is not a setting in the matrix generation utility, but you have to change the way the matrix is displayed on the map. This can be done by setting the "Matrix Display Options". The "Matrix Display Options" can be accessed via the "Project Explorer". Make sure the pr ...
Tags:  matrix, matrix display options, display options, matrix colors, depth colors

Q160006 Is there a way for having post-processed GPS data reimported back into Hydromagic?
This method is called PPK (Post Processing Kinematic). Using RINEX data recorded on both the rover and base station (could also be a fixed base station, or a base station part of a RTK network), a correction file is generated which is imported back into Hydromagic. To use PPK, you MUST have ...
Tags:  post processing, RINEX, PPK, post processing kinematic, RTK base station, CORS

Q160010 I configured an offset between the GNSS antenna and echo sounder position, but after processing the data points appear at the same places as the raw position data. What am I doing wrong?
To define an offset between the GNSS antenna position and the echo sounder position, you can use the "Vessel Designer". Make sure that the "Vessel Designer" is set to the correct units. After configuring a vessel file for your USV or boat, make sure that after editing, you select the corre ...
Tags:  vessel designer, gnss antenna offset, transducer offset, gps offset, echo sounder offset, post processing