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Eye4Software Hydromagic - Knowledge Base - Troubleshooting, installing and upgrading

Q220001 When I try to run the software, a popup is presenting the following error:"CmContairner Entry not found, Error 200"
The full version of Hydromagic is protected against unauthorized use using a dongle or hardlock. When you try the run the full version of the software without the hardlock or dongle connected to an USB port on your PC or notebook, you will receive the error: " CodeMeter 102088:130 Failure r ...
Tags:  Codemeter, Dongle, Hardlock, Software Security, Software Protection

Q220002 After upgrading the software to the latest version, the toolbar is missing icons, what is wrong ?
Hydromagic is using a customizable toolbar and settings are written to the Windows Registry.When the number or the order of the toolbar buttons changes in a new version, you have to reset the toolbar.This can be done by clicking the small down arrow right of the toolbar, and select "Add and Remove b ...
Tags:  Hydromagic Toolbar, Reinstall, Upgrade

Q220003 After upgrading the software, some accelerator keys (function keys) aren't working anymore
This problem can occur when upgrading from Hydromagic 5.1 to a newer version. To fix this issue, please perform the following steps: Exit the Hydromagic application Press the Windows start key and type "RegEdit.Exe" and press Enter Locate the registrykey "HKEY_CURRENT_USER ...
Tags:  Accelerator keys, Function keys

Q220004 When setting the map projection the depth value in the navigation view disappears
Please check the properties for the selected grid. Make sure the "Vertical Units" are set correctly. ...
Tags:  Depth value, vertical units

Q220005 I am unable to add new map grids. After clicking Save, the changes are lost.
This may happen in some circumstances, and the error is related to file system security.You can try the following to fix this problem: Make sure the "C:/ProgramData/Hydromagic/" folder is accessible (read and write access !) for the current user Re-install the software as an Administrator Ru ...
Tags:  Creating Grid, Creating Datum

Q220007 Is it possible to create a trace of the incoming serial data from my devices?
Yes this is possible. Since Hydromagic version, all incoming serial data received using either a NMEA0183 channel or plugin is recorded to the raw data files when recording.You can simply export this data to a text document, by right clicking the original raw data file and selecting the " ...
Tags:  Serial Data, Tracing, Logging, Incoming Data

Q220008 After (re)installing Hydromagic the following error is displayed: "The code execution cannot proceed because WIBUCM64.dll was not found". What can I do to solve this issue ?
This error means that the Wibu Runtime was not installed correctly on your computer.The Wibu runtime is required to download or check your computer bound license, or to read your USB dongle.When reinstallation of Hydromagic does not help, we suggest to download and install the Wibu runtime manually. ...
Tags:  Error, WIBUCM64.dll, Wibu Runtime, Missing DLL