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Hydromagic training material

This page contains a collection of resource you can use to train yourself or train others in the use of the Hydromagic Survey software. Some value added resellers might offer trainings as well. This page contains links to the various pages with documents and videos, and also PowerPoint presentations can be found here.

PowerPoint training material

Please note that you must have Microsoft PowerPoint installed on your computer in order to open the presentations below.

Part 1 - Software Installation

This documents contains instructions on where to download the software, which file needs to be downloaded and how to run the installer to install the software on your computer.

Click here to download or open HydroMagicTrainingPart1.pptx

Software Installation
Example slide form the "Software Installation" presentation.

Part 2 - Software Configuration

In the second part of the training, all configuration which is required before you can start your first sounding is discussed. This includes: static draft, RTK tide settings, units of measurement, alarms and more.

Click here to download or open HydroMagicTrainingPart2.pptx

Software Configuration
Example slide form the "Software Configuration" presentation.

Part 3 - Project Preparation

Before recording data, you must create a Hydromagic project. This presentation shows you have to create a new project, select a map projection, generate cross sections and boundaries, color sets and more.

Click here to download or open HydroMagicTrainingPart3.pptx

Project Preparation
Example slide form the "Project Preparation" presentation.

Part 4 - Recording Data

After installing the software, configuring it and creating a new project, it is now time to go out and collect some data. This short presentation shows how to record data and navigate along the generated cross sections.

Click here to download or open HydroMagicTrainingPart4.pptx

Recording Data
Example slide form the "Recording Data" presentation.

Part 5 - Post Processing

When data has been recorded, the next step is to filter and cleanse the data, and convert it to some end products.

Click here to download or open HydroMagicTrainingPart5.pptx

Post Processing
Example slide form the "Post Processing" presentation.

Training Videos

Please visit this page for an index of all our training videos on YouTube. If you find an important topic to be missing, please let us know!

Various Training Videos
The training video's page contains an index of all recent videos published on YouTube.