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Eye4Software Hydromagic - Knowledge Base - Tides

Q140001 Does your software support RTK tides ?
Yes, Hydromagic is capable of calculating tide levels realtime by using a RTK receiver. In order to calculate tide, a geoid model for the region has to be loaded. You also have to configure the vertical datum and antenna height. Tide calculation only works in "RTK Fixed" mode, so a r ...
Tags:  tide, RTK, RTK tide, tide calculation, geoid, geoid model, antenna height, water level, vertical datum

Q140002 Does the software support tide corrections ?
Yes, Hydromagic supports multiple tide correction methods. The following methods are supported: Automatic tide correction using a RTK (network) rover Manual tide correction during sounding Manual tide correction during post processing Automatic tide correction using tide ...
Tags:  Tides, Tide Correction, Manual Tide Correction, Automatic Tide Correction, Tide Prediction

Q140003 When tide corrections are applied, some depths are negative, why is this ?
When tide corrections are applied, the sounding values are referenced to a local datum. This means that all sounding values are now (orthometric) heights instead of depths. In fact, you are measuring the elevation of the river bed instead of the depth itself. ...
Tags:  Tides, Tide Correction, Orthometric Heights, Elevation, Vertical Datum

Q140004 Where do I configure the draft in your software?
In hydrography, the (static) draft is the offset between the bottom of the echosounder's transducer and the water surface. This is normally a fixed value and should not change very often. Some echosounders allow you to define this draft in the echosounder's configuration.In cases in which it isn't ...
Tags:  Transducer offset, draft, dynamic draft, sounder offset

Q140005 What do I have to enter for antenna height in the RTK settings?
To use RTK tides using a RTK receiver and a geoid model, it is required to set the height of the antenna above the water surface. Please note that you use the phase center of the internal antenna instead of the bottom of the antenna.If you do not configure a draft for the echosounder, it is also po ...
Tags:  tide, RTK, RTK tide, tide calculation, geoid, geoid model, antenna height, water level, vertical datum, draft, static draft